Compositing + Motion Tracking

Whoops, is that a boom in the shot? Maybe your actor’s tattoo wasn’t supposed to be visible for their character. Or maybe there is a poster or license plate in your scene that needs to be blurred out or removed? I know that to get the most out of your scene, you don’t have to be limited to your raw footage.

With complex tracking and rotoscoping techniques, I can prep and cleanup footage to match your vision.

Better yet, maybe you want 3D elements tracked and composited in the scene, or you need some fire, explosions, or other particles to make your story sing. Open your imagination, and the possibilities are endless.

Feel the Light in the Distance

Project: Self Experiment #StyleCraft
Type: Composite + Track

Imagination to Animation: Aladdin | Disney

Studio: Walt Disney
Client: Disney+
Type: Advertising | Roto + Line Cleanup + Assembly

Your Favorite Movie Characters Gender Swapped

Studio: Discovery Digital Networks
YouTube Channel: Nuclear Family
Type: Sketch | Video Editing + Composite

Imagination to Animation: Little Mermaid | Disney

Studio: Walt Disney
Client: Disney+
Type: Advertising | Roto + Line Cleanup + Assembly

Science Uprising Episode #2

Studio: Firetribe
Client: Science Uprising

Type: Documentary | Composite + Screen Replacemnet

Goosebumps (Instagram Campaign)

Studio: Marching Penguin
Client: Sony Pictures / Universal McCann / theAmplify
Type: Instagram Campaign | Composite

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