Motion Design + Animation

Motion design can provide a bridge to your viewers that sometimes just isn’t possible with live action. Plus it’s really easy to connect to customers with your identity, personality, and a clear message using animation.

I can create content that embodies your brand from design to animation. I can also create custom animation templates that make it much easier for you to streamline future projects. These can be especially helpful if you’re creating a lot of branded content for social.

So let’s get a move on. I’m here for you if you need titles, broadcast packages, commercials, explainer videos, social media content, educational videos, and more.

XPS - Overview

Studio: Marching Penguin
Client: pk4 Media / XPS
Type: Explainer | Design + 2D Animation

Network Optics - Meta

Studio: Marching Penguin
Client: Network Optics - Meta
Type: Explainer | Animation

SkavaOne In-Store Suite

Studio: Marching Penguin
Client: SkavaOne
Type: Explainer | Design + Animation

Super Panic Frenzy

Studio: Discovery Digital Networks
YouTube Channel: Super Panic Frenzy
Type: IDENT | Design + Animation + Template Creation

Expiration Date

Studio: SYFY
Client: Kristen Braincco

Type: Titles | Design + Animation

Kareo Promo

Studio: Marching Penguin
Client: Kareo
Type: Explainer | Design + Animation

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