Remote Freelancer based in Fort Worth, TX

Who is kezfx?

Video Editor | Motion Designer | Compositor


That'd be me! I'm Kezi Sayre, AKA kezfx. Friends call me "Kez" for short. I'm a worker in many facets of post-production; Motion Design, 2D Animation, Video Editing, Compositing, Tracking, and more. I'm incredibly proud of the work I've done with explainer videos, docuseries, and short-form content.

I started in Florida studying Film and Digital Art & Design at Full Sail University, then worked for education and on indie projects before relocating to my home state of California in 2013.

My focus was digital short-form content spanning multiple social media platforms, and now in 2021, starting a new chapter in Texas.

While I'm not working, you can find me saving the universe in Mass Effect or chillin' to beats on Twitch.

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to discuss any future projects or would like to say hello, let's schedule a call!

This is how I can serve you:

Creating Content for multiple Social Media or Streaming Platforms:

  • Highlight Reels
  • Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Let's Plays (Twitch or YouTube Highlights)
  • Advertising
  • Explainer
  • Short-form Content

Workflow Maintenance for You or Your Team:

  • Template Creation: Premiere & After Effects with delivery options for MOGRT, or direct files.
  • HowTo: Videos showing how to modify and access tutorials

Team Collaboration with the Best Tech: 

  • Project Management: Trello, Wrike, Asana, & ClickUp
  • Video Review:, Wipster, and Vimeo
  • Conferencing: Google Meets, Zoom, Discord, Webinar hosting
  • Streaming & Recording: OBS, xSplit Broadcaster, Streamlabs


object removal
camera tracking
planar tracking
chroma key removal
beauty retouching
short-form video editing
talking-head video editing
energetic game highlights

broadcast design
title creation
color grading
template creation
photo manipulation

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